ARC Thrift Stores

Partnering with the ARC Thrift Stores

Caring & Sharing Thrift Store partners with the ARC Thrift stores in Colorado Springs.  The ARC Thrift stores provide us an outlet for donations that we are not able to use in our store. 

In an effort to keep our inventory fresh, we put items out for sale for six weeks.  Items that are not sold in the six weeks, often find a buyer in the larger stores in the Springs. Some times we get too much of a certain item, and we can ship the excess to the ARC. 

The ARC Thrift Stores are also able to do more recycling than we do.  They have outlets for clothing that would traditionally not sell in a thrift store, in the states.  A lot of the clothing items are sent overseas to third world countries.  Others are sold as rags to support the shipping cost of those items sent overseas. 

Some items, such as shoes, are in such demand that they request any usable shoe.  They will even mate your single shoe up with a similar shoe from somewhere else, and find someone who can use it. 

Because of this partnership, we can take any clothing or fabric that does not have any odor in it.  We will either sell it in our stores, give it to someone in our community, or ship it to the ARC to be recycled.  

The ARC Thrift Stores are able to provide a semi trailer for us to put these donations in.  When it is full, they bring us a new trailer, and take the full trailer to their site for processing. 

This has allowed Caring & Charing to help other ministries, in other areas, with your generous donations. 

The ARC Thrift Store’s ability to use items that we could not, gets your donations used, and helps cut down on the number of items that we have to send to the landfill.