Donations to C&S


Caring & Sharing Thrift Store can accept your gently used Furniture, Clothing, Household items, Kitchen, Yard and Garden, and Sporting Goods items.  Items will be sold through our store, given to someone in need, or shared with other non-profits. 

C&S Dock smallIf you would like to donate items to Caring & Sharing, please drop off smaller items at our dock, in the alley between 3rd and 4th Streets, accessed from G or H Streets. 

Furniture sized items can be brought to the gate on 4th street.  Let us know that you are here and we will assist you in unloading your larger items  Please do not leave items outside the fence.

Please only drop off donations between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Saturday.  Donations left at other times create a theft and vandalism problem.

Caring & Sharing can use any clothing, shoes, or fabric that do not have odors in them.  We partner with the ARC Thrift Stores in Co Springs, and they can recycle any clothing/fabric that we do not use locally.  Clothing and fabrics are either sent to third world countries or used to make rags.

Furniture items should be something that can be resold.  Overstuffed items must be free of any Rips, Stains, Tears, or Odor.  We can not accept broken or damaged furniture.  Some antiques may have enough value that we can accept them, even if they need minor work.  Please ask about anything that you are not sure of.  Generally, if you would not give it to your neighbor, then it is not something that we will be able to resell.

We accept most working electronics.  Due to new recycle laws, we no longer accept older CRT Style or Projection televisions or Computer Monitors.  Only Working LCD Televisions and monitors can be accepted.  LCD Televisions will need to be tested before we will accept them.  We can not accept satellite receivers, printers that don’t have ink, or have dried ink in them, or any non-working electronics.  It is costly for us to have non-working electronics and older televisions recycled, so please arrange to have those recycled yourselves.

We are no longer able to sell Mattresses or Box springs, so we no longer accept them.

Caring & Sharing partners with Habitat for Humanity and would encourage any reusable construction material and building materials be donated to their Restore resale location in Buena Vista.  Please understand that we do not have room for construction material.