Volunteer at C&S

Volunteer at our Caring & Sharing Thrift Store

Caring & Sharing Thrift Store is staffed by a combination of paid staff and volunteers.  As we have grown into a thrift store, we understood the need for a minimal staff of paid workers.  This is to make sure that the basic needs each day are covered.  We rely on volunteers to bring things up the that “next level”. 

C&S Volunteering smallCaring and Sharing offers opportunities for anyone with time on their hands to volunteer in the store.  Some of our volunteers work a set schedule, each week.  Others just come by with a few hours to kill.  We only have so much room for volunteers, so we do ask the volunteers to let us know, in advance, if possible.  Otherwise we may not have room for you to work on a given day.  Ask us about the benefit program that we have for our volunteers.

Community Service Volunteers

Caring & Sharing works hard to provide a place for those people who need to fulfill a court or agency request, for hours of Community Service.  We have a number of volunteers who started out with us, at the request of the courts, and have continued to volunteer with us, just for the fun of it.  We are also seeing more volunteers, who need to fulfill community service hours for a social program, that they are part of.  Others have volunteered, with Caring & Sharing, to fulfill service hours for clubs, service organizations, and other groups.

Come by and ask us for more information on volunteer opportunities available at Caring & Sharing.