Weekly Sale Items

Sales Sales Sales  –  50% off – 75% off Every Day

Caring & Sharing Thrift Store has ongoing sales every day.  We use a colored tag inventory system, and everyday  of the week, one color will be 50% off and another color will be 75% off the marked price on all of our merchandise.  We also run special sales every couple of months.  We usually choose a holiday or other excuse to have store wide sales, often with the entire store 50% off.

C&S Sale Tags smallCheck out our silent auction showcase.  Each week we put a few select items on a silent auction, where you can win the item with the highest bid.

Caring & Sharing does not change prices on items, but allow them to go on sale, when that color of tag comes up for sale.  Items go on sale the 5th and 6th week that they are in our store.  Items that do not sell are shipped to our partner thrift stores and usually sell there.

We do encourage anyone who needs an item, and can not afford our prices, to speak to a volunteer in our Resource Center, and see if they qualify for a voucher, allowing them to purchase the item free or at a reduced price.

Shopping Hours 
Monday through Saturday:  11:00am to 5:00 p.m.