What is Transitional Housing?

Transitional Housing

One of our main missions here at Caring & Sharing is to work with and provide Transitional Housing. 

The idea of Transitional Housing is to provide a way for the homeless to transition back into a house or apartment. 

If you are homeless, it is tough to get a job.  Without the job, you can not save for your deposits and rent.  Transitional Housing provides a place for an individual to stay for a few months, free of rent. 

Residents are expected to get a Job.  Once they are stable in a job, they can begin to make small payments back to us.  This allows them to set aside some money for rent and deposits on an apartment of their own.  Once they are able, they will transition on to their own apartment. 

During their time with us, we work with other agencies to provide life skills training for the residents.  We find that this is as valuable, in getting them stable in a new way of life as the housing is.

We also use our housing for emergency and sustainable housing, as those need arise in our community.